Sunny Side Up is a positive, optimistic and progressive comms agency. We think of ourselves as a ‘big little agency’: small enough to be agile, energetic, original and entrepreneurial, but big in terms of the breadth of our offer, the smartness of our thinking and the quality of our delivery.

Functionally, we work across a number of sectors (food, nutrition, soft drinks, hot drinks, travel, tech, health & fitness, homewares and more). We work on a whole range of client problems, including awareness-raising, launches, education programmes, reappraisal campaigns, building movements, often using some form of endorsement as at least a start-point. We handle corporate, trade comms and consumers comms.

We won or were a finalist in the New Agency of the Year category in four different award schemes in 2017 and have been nominated or won Small Agency of the Year almost every year since, alongside a host of campaign wins and nominations.

You will love our team – bold, bright and brilliant at what they do.


If you are also a B Corp, well done, it’s not easy is it?

We’d love to talk:

If you’re not a B Corp, that’s cool too, and we know it’s just one tool among many. Hopefully you recognise that the corporate world can have an impact on society and the planet, through product evolution, NPD, corporate behaviour or a combination of all three.

We do not believe in po-faced do-goodery, or fanatical purity. Rather we recognise most companies are on some kind of journey and are happy to take counsel from encouraging and supportive external consultants.

“B Corp status is important to us as we want to do the right thing by the world, but it’s not why clients hire us; they hire us because we find insights which unlock growth, develop inventive & surprising creative and make a difference to their business.”



We’ve won or been shortlisted for campaigns across all the below awards schemes, across a diverse range of campaign and agency categories.



We are proud subscribers to Ecologi.

Ecologi is a platform which businesses can sign up to in order to help reverse climate change.

It facilitates the funding of carbon offset projects and tree-planning around the world with a mission to reduce 50% global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.  

We have subscribed to their Climate Positive Workforce plan meaning we pay cash every month for every member of our team to help fund positive environmental projects.

Founder Nick Woods says, “After looking at various options and schemes we decided Ecologi was absolutely the best for us in terms of how we can directly impact climate change positively and signed up in March 2023.” 

“They are a registered charity, we know 77.5% of our subscription goes toward climate impact, they have some fantastic companies already signed up, and seem to have their shit together when it comes to funding meaningful action.”

The Public Relations Consultancy Association (PRCA) is the PR industry’s professional body; and the Communications Management Standard is a professional accreditation all agencies worth their salt should have.

CMS combines elements of ‘ISO9001’ and ‘Investors in People’ with criteria specific to a PR and communications consultancy.

We are proud to have passed for the third year in a row in December 2022.