Beyond our noisy press office, SSU’s campaign work for is all about amplifying the company’s international event and attraction partnerships on social platforms, from the Tour de France and the London Eye, to Madrid Pride.

A full range of brand work has been instigated to build the ‘pink buzz’ around, including social and editorial partnerships, as well as media and consumer events. 

From challenging consumers to virtually pedal through the Tour de France route on London’s South Bank, recruiting LGBTQIA+ content creators for a Pride-themed boat party, creating destination guides with influencers across France and Denmark, to hosting beauty masterclasses on the London Eye,’s name has moved well beyond the traditional travel space. 

Last year alone we secured more than 420 pieces of paid and earned social coverage. 

All content connects the brand to their key partners, placing front of mind as the site for fun-loving millennials to book city and beach breaks near and far, aligned with major sporting occasions and iconic venues, whilst championing a proud D&I ethos.

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