Villa Maria has been growing grapes in Marlborough, New Zealand, for more than 20 years, but Earth Garden is its first organic wine range.

The range includes a vibrant Sauvignon Blanc, a refreshingly dry Rosé, a moreish Pinot Noir and a brooding Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon and was available exclusively at Tesco,


Launch Earth Garden into the UK.


It’s all about the earth: build the link between product and its origin.


To mark Earth Garden landing in the UK, we hosted the ultimate garden party in central London where journalists, content creators and influencers of various shades were invited to an exclusive first-experience tasting, against a stunning eco-friendly backdrop.

This was supported by a one-month burst of Display and Meta digital marketing to drive awareness of Earth Garden and Villa Maria’s organic credentials, alongside clicks to the Earth Garden Sauvignon Blanc page on at launch, top and tailed by a dedicated three-month media and influencer press office.



The event generated more than 65 pieces of organic attendee Earth Garden social content with an estimated 900k earned reach and  product coverage in the likes of Indy Best and Good Housekeeping with a reach of 1m+.


Whilst the digital campaign created excellent awareness for Earth Garden with 1.7m impressions and more than 4.7k clicks to the Tesco product page in under four weeks!

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