Blackberries are loaded with all the goodness and health benefits of blueberries, and yet sell significantly less in the UK. They also suffer from consumer confusion with many not knowing how, where or when to eat them.

Driscoll’s has the UK exclusive on the Victoria blackberry from global berry company Driscoll’s, and this is a berry which is huge and far sweeter than you might remember if you’ve not eaten a blackberry for a while.

Our objectives are focused around recruiting consumers, unlocking new occasions and finding a role for blackberries.

Our strategy focuses on under-35s as an audience and their health lives as an occasion.

To deliver against this we have spent the last two seasons working with more than one hundred of the noisiest British fitness influencers on Instagram, getting them to fuel pre- and post-workout with our delicious Victoria blackberries.

The results have been outstanding with multiple award wins and shortlists, sales up by hundreds of thousands of pounds, under-35s as the fastest growing retail consumer, and blacks’ role in the world established.

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