Driscoll’s is the world’s biggest berry company. Its Victoria Blackberry is a berry which is huge and far sweeter than you might remember if you’ve not eaten a blackberry for a while.


Drive sales of Victoria Blackberries:

  • grow penetration by 10% by engaging sub 35yr old consumers who aren’t currently purchasing.
  • add an incremental 55.6k households.
  • deliver a potential sales upside of £279k during campaign period & £465k over the full blackberry season.


In a post-pandemic world, more people than ever want to eat a wide variety of plants and blackberries are loaded with as many (if not more) vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anthocyanins as the (currently much more popular) blueberries.


Recruit new, younger consumers, unlock new occasions and find a role for blackberries (as many don’t know how or what to pair them with).


Black is the new blue: to deliver against this we have spent the last two seasons working with more than one hundred of the noisiest British fitness influencers on Instagram, getting them to fuel pre- and post-workout with our delicious Victoria blackberries.

This influencer activity was backed by digital ads, shopper marketing, sampling and a fully-integrated comms planning.


The results have been outstanding with multiple award wins and shortlists, sales up by hundreds of thousands of pounds, under-35s as the fastest growing retail consumer, and blacks’ role in the world established.

  • Volume sales of Tesco Victoria Blackberries increased by +11.6% adding £593,000 sales during the campaign period.
  • This was achieved be increasing penetration by +8.4% and adding around 55k households to the category.

Sunny Side Up says

“This campaign was born from close co-operation with a visionary Commercial Director with whom we were in close lock-step. He gave us the room to build and deliver a genuinely integrated campaign, born from meaningful insight, which won both multiple PR & marketing awards and delivered commercially.

“This work shows what can happen when we are believed in and unleashed.”

Sunny Side Up Strategy & Creative Director, Nick Woods

Category Planning Manager, Tesco “The work you are doing in the fresh category is new to us, it is refreshing to see a supplier work in this way…. it is definitely something we want to get behind next year. We just need to work with the Tesco marketing team to enable us to get this included with Tesco’s own marketing plans.”

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