The British Soft Drinks Association is the trade industry body for the UK soft drinks sector.

As society has moved away from sugar, so has the industry with more than seven in 10 soft drinks sold in the UK are now lights and diets.  The sweeteners used in these drinks are used across a whole host of food brands too, and are among the most well-researched ingredients in the world… and yet are still misunderstood, misrepresented and misreported on.


Share the science, data and knowledge of dietetics experts to help tell the truth about low calorie sweeteners.


The previous strategy had been to focus very much on talking to healthcare professionals; our insight was that we needed to go far beyond this group and engage with consumer media and journalists.


Since appointment in 2021 we’ve worked with a number of ambassadors, held events for media, held IG Lives with relevant influencers, been on podcasts and run both social content campaigns and social media ad campaigns.


While detailed results remain confidential, our work has been consistently praised by clients across the association.

Sunny Side Up says

“We understand there is some negative noise around sweeteners, but when you listen to the experts – the dieticians – and the deep science, it is clear that sweeteners are both hugely tested and safe. 

“Given this, it is important to be confident enough to share.”

Strategy & Creative Director, Nick Woods

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