Roasting Plant is part of a new generation of coffee brands which is both rapidly expanding and doing it by lifting the quality of the whole sector.

Coffee shops across the world have skated past a core problem for years: stale, dusty beans which create “average” coffee. Former Starbucks senior exec Mike Caswell dreamed of an artisan-quality experience that coffee lovers could enjoy every day on their way to work or play…not just something to be enjoyed on a weekend or when time isn’t a factor . the company he co-founded, Roasting Plant, now grinds and brews every cup to order within just seven days of roasting, seven days being the scientifically accepted timeframe in which to capture a better, fresher, smoother flavour.

Our work is very much focused on driving sales and has begun with influencers and media partnerships, finding London’s noisy coffee lovers, bringing them in-store and letting the coffee speak for itself.


We’ve achieved 156 pieces of coverage for 2023 to date, across print, online, social and newsletter channels, including..

  • 55 inclusions for Roasting Plant across editorial platforms and brand partners to date, with a reach of more than 120 million, across some of the UK’s leading consumer / F&B titles.
  • A social reach of more than 1 million, with no hard cost spent on influencer visits beyond a low level of coffee giveaway.
  • We have also overseen a range of brand partnerships that have resulted in 28 pieces of coverage, with a collective reach of more than three million*.

“The SSU Team has been outstanding in every interaction. Proactive, smart, creative and a joy to work with. They push us when they should and help us along every step of the way. Their wide breadth of ideas from traditional media to social/digital, from affinity and partnerships to contests and promotions and wrangling a bunch of terrific influencers to booth has been Fantastic!


“I’ve been in marketing for decades with large companies like Microsoft and smaller as well, and SSU is one of the best agencies I’ve worked with.

“Thanks for everything!”

Thomas Hartocollis, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Roasting® Plant Coffee


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