Charlie Bigham’s is a much-loved market leader who makes delicious pre-prepared meals in his kitchen, for consumers to cook in theirs.


Consumer: broaden awareness

Corporate: brand build


Our audience prefer real brands created by real, passionate, knowledgeable people.


We have a ‘Charlie first’ strategy: too many people think he’s a character created in the marketing department of some huge conglomerate when actually he’s a real-life passionate cook who has grown the business to the point where it has more than 50 SKUs selling across a number of retailers and generating hundreds of millions in revenue.


How do we prove he’s real to consumer audiences: he writes his first cookbook!

Supper with Charlie Bigham is available for pre-order now (April 2024) and will be on-shelf from September 2024 with a promotional schedule due for delivery through 2024.

And how do we prove he’s real in a corporate world: a steady stream of interviews and speaker slots sharing his entrepreneurial journey and his passion for lovingly made dishes with fresh ingredients for people who love good food.

Beyond this we of course also run a busy press office, announcing new mains, sides and desserts each quarter and working as part of the brand’s fully integrated agency team.


A regular stream of Charlie profile stories across the likes of The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, City AM and the London Evening Standard’s as well as its How to be a CEO podcast and exhibition SME XPO. Plus a heavyweight product placement campaign delivering a heap of product coverage across foodie and lifestyle media month on month.

“Charlie Bigham’s is such a firm favourite for so many for a couple of very key reasons: freshness – these are not dishes with long expiry dates, because they use fresh ingredients; un-UPF – Charlie doesn’t use anything you probably don’t have in your kitchen already; and quality – if you’re a foodie and you want a night off, this is perfect.”

Zoe Ward-Waring, Managing Director.

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