Chai and single estate tea brand Tea India UK launched its first-ever PR campaign, and appointed Sunny Side Up to answer a brief to help it become the chai brand of choice amongst holistically healthy women.

Whilst chai and single estates teas have been brewed and enjoyed locally for centuries by asian communities, there is a distinct lack of knowledge of chai and its benefits in the UK.

Our job was to get on the radar of potential UK chai lovers, to help drive discovery and trial of Tea India’s rich, creamy and authentically Indian chai through our  year-long ‘How will you know, if you never chai’ brand campaign. 

Through a mix of good old fashioned newsroom, influencers and sampling activity the campaign has delivered some ace results to date which include:

  • More than 30 pieces of press coverage reaching 43.9m customers including hits with The Metro, Daily Mirror and Daily Express 
  • Branded content from our influencer partners with a reach of 4.4m accounts 
  • Sampling at the Holistic Healthy mecca that is Balance Festival, where we got Tea India into the hands of 4k would-be Tea India lovers 
  • An array of competitions with the likes of Women’s Health and Vegan Food and Living which generated over 6.7k engagements and counting for Tea India that helped tell the story of why Tea India is the go-to-choice for tea lovers everywhere

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