The UK’s national cherry association, Love Fresh Cherries, wanted us to help them sell more cherries, more often, amongst their among their core audience of female shoppers during the British cherry season.

With health still high on everyone’s agenda, an older core customer and a samesie and competitive fresh produce category, we knew we had to get cherries on the radar of younger women, by developing a conversation that got them talking and thinking about their health. 

To do this, we needed to create a campaign that cherries had permission to play in, that reinforced Love Fresh Cherries as a brand that is good and does good, whilst linking to women’s health. 

From here we created No period, pants, a campaign built around amenorrhea, an under the radar but increasingly common problem for a wide range of women which results in the absence of periods. 

The activation followed research by Love Fresh Cherries which found that a staggering two-thirds of British women (62%) had experienced a loss of periods for three months or more, over half (52%) had missed a period at least once in their lifetime, yet almost two in five (39%) said they’d never heard of amenorrhea.

From here we created an army of No period, pants ambassadors to help raise awareness of amenorrhea and the role that cherries can play in supporting a healthy menstrual cycle, launched the campaign with an influencer and media  event at The Vagina Museum, created a campaign video and dedicated content hub on Love Fresh Cherries website, all supported by a digital advertising campaign to drive video views. 

The results speak for themselves…

  • Over 1.1bn opportunities to see/hear campaign coverage, including Stylist (not once, but twice) and Women’s Running, reaching 7.2M of our target women shoppers 
  • 74 pieces of ambassador and influencer campaign content with a total reach of 1.9M female focused accounts 
  • Campaign video achieved 91.4k Thruplays and had 9k clickthroughs to the dedicated Love Fresh Cherries campaign in under 8 weeks 

““I genuinely really enjoy working with Sunny Side Up; they offer great client management, superb results and are just good people to spend time with. Three years in and they continue to deliver fresh thinking, with this year’s category-defying No Period, pants campaign testament to that.””


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