TikTok Trends 2024

Written by Amelia Fraser

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Up on your TikTok trends?


Here are five to casually drop in to conversation and show you know your onions…

Multi-coloured watch & shop*


TikTok recently released a function where you can shop for products whilst watching a livestream.

For food brands the success of this has driven lots of sales and opens up opportunities to do the same by creating engaging livestreams, organically or through influencer partnerships, to drive and increase click-throughs within this new function.

Small Businesses


Small food and drinks businesses have been hugely benefiting from using TikTok as a platform to promote and gain recognition of their brand.

Size really doesn’t matter on TikTok so even the smallest business can create cool video content to attract the attention of today’s modern consumer.

Check out up & coming gin brand @penrhosspirits as an example.

Artificial entertainment


Duh, AI, like of course.

We’ve entered a new era of social media: the “AI enhanced content revolution”.

For example, the use of AI filters gets millions of views and AI-generated music which can tailor-make playlists just for you.

As for AI & cooking?  The #AIchefs & ChefGPT are already here… we know, we’re sorry too.

Nice niche


There have been more and more niche communities emerging across the platform.

These bring together small collections of people with similar interests for example, FoodTok, PizzaTok, BurgerTok etc.

These niche foodie communities on TikTok have resulted in more diverse content, higher engagement and a space for food creators to share their passions with other like-minded individuals

cooking Educayshun innit


Cooking has also played a significant part in the rise in popularity of educational content on TikTok.

This includes quick, guided recipe content from everyone from professional chefs to home cooks and crosses every kind of meal imaginable from around the world.

These get strong engagement with viewers wanting to watch short clips rather than longer YouTube videos (so 2018).

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