IWD 2024

Written by Amar

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We are an 85% female business, including our MD, Head of Paid Media, Head of Content, ADs, AMs and execs.

They are not really a heart-y hand-y kinda group… they are however runners, jumpers and throwers, PTs, weight-lifters, Camogie players, Hyrox-ers, yogi practitioners, darts players, beer drinkers, wine sniffers, sparkling wine sippers, coffee aficionados, tea drinkers, travellers, pub goers, restaurant goers, pet lovers, dog borrowers, cat moms, Leeds Utd fans, daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, festival goers, comedy clubbers, stay-up-later-ers, early risers, cooks, bakers, makers, TikTokers, Youtubers, photographers, artists, fashionistas and one hundred other funny, interesting and smart things.

So, this International Women’s Day we’ve decided to dispense with the heart hands and give them something they might appreciate a bit more – an extra half day off… to just go and be themselves.

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