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Written by Amar

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The AI scene has not just grown but skyrocketed in the past year, making the art of image manipulation as common as dog videos on the internet.


Whether you’re looking to whip up eye-popping mock-ups, conjure images that are so realistic they might just start talking, or just remove a stain on your shirt, there’s an AI tool with your name on it.


The world went mad for Sora last week, here are some tools actually available and actually useful.

Always there when you need a quick save, the one tool most agencies will swear by, now with AI.


Perfect for newbies aiming to sprinkle some magic on their social media posts, blogs, or presentations without getting into the nitty-gritty of graphic design.

A genie that turns your words into images – no rubbing lamps needed! Just type away your wildest (or mildest) ideas like ‘cat headed to work on the tube’.


Bing makes it real – well, almost.

Generative AI is the term that Adobe coined for its eagerly anticipated AI-powered image editing tool.


Add a unicorn, erase a building, switch the season, or start from scratch. Adobe’s creative cloud suite is the ultimate playground for creators.


Now with a dose of AI who knows where it will lead.

Not for the faint-hearted or thin-walleted. The most powerful and sophisticated tool on the market, and it uses a proprietary AI model that can generate images from any text or sketch.


Realistic portraits, landscapes, animals, products, logos, and more. Although comes with a steeper learning curve.


If creating ultra-high-res images that make people question reality is your thing – meet your new best friend.

You’ve seen the ads… no more boring or messy snaps, only flawless ones. And it’s all thanks to Google Pixel’s AI.


Zap away anything you don’t like from your photos, and even tweak the moods of the people in your photos. You can make them grin, pout, or wink with a flick.


Anyone can be a photo whiz with the Google Pixel phones. Even your nan and grandad can ace it in no time.

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