BSDA: The Light Show

Written by Amelia Fraser

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We work with the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA), specifically on sweeteners, which are used across members’ products to help people consume less sugar.

Our work with the BSDA involves talking to HCPs, media, influencers and consumers who are actively involved in thinking about which food and drinks to consume. For our first 2023 project we sought to speak to 18-24 year olds and educate them on the safety of non-sugar sweeteners, debunking some of the myths currently popping up on social media.

We developed and delivered an interactive, arcade-style evening, with some of the UK’s leading health and fitness Instagrammers and TikTokkers taking part in an event which allowed us to talk about light option soft drinks, the benefits of non-sugar sweeteners as part of a healthy lifestyle… and all in an environment which allowed attending influencers to create content suitable for their pages & fans.

From shootin’ hoops and giant Plinko to digital 10-pin bowling and a graffiti art contest, all the fun was had – accompanied by deliciously light cocktails and mocktails of course!

Influencers we partnered with and who all delivered social coverage included: @dr_idz@kirstyhendy, @lukehannanutrition, @doctor.emeka, @dentistsinging, @dbthefitnesscoach, @rob_eades, @the_gp_mum, @chloeandleox, @jemmaloi

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