Global Berry Firm Appoints Sunny Side Up For UK Launch

Written by Amelia Fraser

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After three years of award-winning work with the UK’s largest berry company, Berry Gardens, we had that feeling agencies often get when their client gets acquired by a bigger beast.

We’re obviously therefore delighted to have now been appointed by BG’s acquirer, Driscoll’s EMEA, part of the world’s largest berry brand.

We absolutely freaking love working with them and their delicious varieties of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries… as our Nick says:

“There aren’t many times you get to launch a global brand into a market, to launch the first brand into an own-label aisle, and to launch a revolutionary new, sustainable form of packaging into an aisle crying out for it. We’re excited to do all three this summer. The fact it’s for a product which is also the opposite of HFSS, is natural, un-processed and full of flavour is even better.”

Here’s to paper-packs, not punnets.