6 Beauty Trends for 2023

Written by Nikita Takhar

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We saw a range of beauty trends last year, from ‘glass skin’ to the ‘W blush trick,’ but with this year’s total revenue from global cosmetic markets set to hit £86bn ($104bn) what trends are we predicting to see throughout 2023.

  1. Personalised beauty

More than ever, people are seeking brands whose product offering caters to their specific needs and concerns. To cater to the ever-growing needs of consumers, expect to see retailers and brands using more apps where shoppers can input their hair and skin type, and take part in quizzes so recommendations can be tailored for each individual.

We will also see more online sites and stores utilising artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) particularly so shoppers can try before they buy.

2. Hybrid beauty

2022 set the bar high for hybrid formulas and it’s set to continue throughout this year, as shoppers were on the hunt for products that did more jobs for less. Whether it be a primer, concealer and highlighter in one, or a lip balm doubling up as a blusher, shoppers are keen to save their pennies, whilst finding products that deliver high impact results, requiring little skill or time.

3. Beauty on the inside

It hasn’t been the easiest few years, and it’s clearly taken a toll as shoppers are heavily prioritising self-care and wellness. These include practices such as aromatherapy, gut health, herbal remedies, and mindfulness.  Shoppers will be looking for products that not only make them look good on the outside, but on the inside too, and the overarching attitude this year will be to ‘treat yourself.’ Despite feeling the pressure of the cost-of-living crisis, shoppers will be investing in self-care more than ever, and considering the last few years, who can blame them!

4. Clean beauty

Beauty lovers will continue to do their part to protect the planet too. Be it avoiding harmful ingredients, synthetic chemicals, or using less plastic, shoppers will demand refillable and reusable packaging from brands, as their awareness of their carbon footprint continues to grow.

5. Gender-neutral beauty

We mentioned hybrid products for multiple uses, but multiple users will also be a big contender for 2023. The beauty industry is becoming more inclusive, and many brands are starting to move away from traditional gender norms and creating products for everyone.

6. Celebrity beauty – out

Following our last blog post on celebrity beauty brands, it seems many are on the same page. Research is indicating that although there was an increase in celebrities launching their own beauty brands last year, only a select few are managing to keep up momentum. An obvious one being Rihanna’s Fenty…was there anyone who didn’t see her Superbowl performance and powder press cameo?! (FYI Fenty saw their search increase by 850%).

Consumers are in the mood for meaningful beauty, so it’s likely we’ll see celebrities investing more, rather than fronting their own brands.

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